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Secret Letters For Love’s Secrets. Messages hidden between the lines … A stationery set with invisible ink. Inspired by the true story of forbidden lovers in 1917 Prague. Compose a letter of love’s unexpressed sentiments, to be written between the lines with rose-scented ink. Your words will stay mysteriously hidden, until warmed by a candle flame, whereupon as if by magic your words will reveal themselves before your true love’s eyes … and then as if by magic again they will disappear. To be reheated only 3 times, after which your words will vanish forever. Shared only by the two of you … heart-felt sentiments … true love professed … secret desires … romantic poetry … erotic promises …
Within this box you will find everything you need to compose your secret affections

(1)Invisible Ink – when heated it will reveal your hidden words

(2)Red rose-scented ink that will linger on your letter for years to come

(3)An old-fashion dipping pen with extra nib

(4)A bundle of beeswax candles

(5)A box of Bohemian matches

(6)An elegant stationery for 12 Secret Letters and the illustrated memorable story of Forbidden Lovers, who overcame their cruel fate with the help of these accoutrements.

Treasures 2 Remember
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Dimensions 12 × 10 × 4 in

K7240_1 Black Quill+Black Ink, K7240_3 Green Quill+Blue Ink, K7240_11 Burgundy Quill+Burgundy Ink


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