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Bottled ships made by old seafarers have generated admiration from landlubbers, who inevitably ask “How did that ship get inside that bottle?” Evan when quizzed, sailors have been reluctant to give away their secrets. Today these intricate art pieces allow landlubbers to enjoy the charm of ships from yesteryear.

This ship is available with frosted accents or gold accents.
SIB-56USSC/Gold—–2.25″ dia.
SIB-65USSC/Gold—–2.5″ dia.
SIB-80USSC/Frosted–3″ dia.
SIB-80USSC/Gold—–3″ dia.
SIB-100USSC/Frosted-4″ dia.

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 8 × 8 in
USS Constitution

56-2.25in dia Gold Accents (+ $28.95), 65-2.5in dia Gold Accents (+ $39.95), 80-3in dia Frosted Accents (+ $47.95), 80-3in dia Gold Accents (+ $49.95), 100-4in dia 100 Frosted Accents (+ $89.95)


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