#CC040 - Mexican Army Cipher – historical, powerful, useful encryption


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This encryption machine was state of the art during the time of conflict between Mexico and the USA shortly before World War I. It uses 5 disks that convert letters into 2 digit numbers based on a key that is used to initially set the wheels.
Our version is particularly nice. The wood used is alder and the numbers are deeply laser engraved on the smooth lacquered surface. The largest wheel is just under 6” in diameter and ¼” thick. The remaining wheels are either 5/32” or 1/8” thick.
The machine is easy to use and comes with clear instructions. The video below will also show you how to use it. We also provide 3 different encoded messages for you to try and decode.
The webmaster at www.ciphertown.com has created a wonderful Youtube tutorial video that in detail will teach you how to use this cipher with a very high level of security.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 2 in


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