Chinese Carvings

As our name implies, our goal is to combine innovative designs with fine craftsmanship to produce novelty items that are both inspiring art and witty entertainment. We constantly search for clever and humorous concepts which we turn into exquisite works. We make everything by hand out of mahogany wood, we have several lines, each with a unique theme. They span a broad price range and are suitable for home decoration or general amusement.
Hover Crafts utilize scientific principles of magnets and electricity to create counter-intuitive and magical modes of motion. A typical design involves: (1) a horizontal shaft free-floating in midair from magnetic levitation, and (2) a rod attached to the end of the shaft which swings or rotates perpetually. Some pieces have variations to this theme. The “tree and well” for example, also has a water bucket which is lowered and raised in and out of a well as the shaft turns. Each piece is exquisitely carved and meticulously tuned. Suitable for innovative home decoration.
Mobile Crafts use a typical design involving a number of moving parts connected to a crank through gears. When the crank is manually turned, the many moving parts will collectively engage in whimsical and humorous motion. Suitable for amusement and decoration.

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