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Message In A Bottle is centuries old and used by sailors, travelers stranded on islands and sinking ships, even the queen of England.

This bottle is our standard and most popular bottle, made of glass and is 9″ tall. Comes with sand and sea shells, small colored cord around your message, nicely packed in a cardboard shipping box and mailed to your recipient or mailed to you to give out.
The price of this bottle includes your written message that we can reproduce on your choice of paper and font. If you wish us to write a custom message with your direction, there is a composing fee that is due and payable before shipping, please contact us by phone or email to discuss price and time needed for composing.
Papers with pictures or borders will not fit in bottles less then 9″
Message #1

You are the sun’s light and the
moon’s soft glow, a gentle
raindrop on a new spring flower
and a leaf dancing in an autumn
You are my mornings and nights,
my fantasies come true, my hopes
and dreams for the future. You
are my beginning and ending.
You are a very special blessing
from God, you are my
Husband and my Life and I
Message #2


You entered my life when we both
were in need, friendship was
important to us then.
Each searching for that special
friend and love, the one that
would understand the other’s

Lets go gently dear friend, lets go
gently, for if we are very lucky we
may find in that friendship the
Love we are seeking.
Message #3


You are my joy, sunrise, my
laughter and smiles. You are
the warmth I feel inside when
I think of you. My best
friend and lover. My love
and my life.

You are the happiness in my
heart, I dared not dream.
You are my sunsets and sunrises,
my shelter and support.

You are my strength and
encouragement. You are the
first, last and only love for
me, my delight in life and the
emptiness I feel when you are
away from me.

You are the sun’s light and
the moons soft glow, a gentle
raindrop on a new spring
flower. A leaf dancing in the
autumn breeze.

You are a great gift from
God and my wife.
Message #4


It was there. An unseen yet
pleasant force. A bond. A
certain unknown feeling.
Something telling my secret
yearnings that there is a
beautiful adventure awaiting
me in the future.
Where, when or what, I do not
yet know, but the strong need
to reach for it to touch and to
hold it is almost unbearable.
What will it be? Is it really
going to be?

I certainly hope so, for I am
ready and waiting. Please
hurry to me.
Message #5


Come share with me the joy
of a sunset, a crackling fire, a
lingering kiss and a gentle
touch. A walk on the beach
hand in hand.


A midnight snack, a sad
movie, a walk in the rain and
a warm embrace. A bottle of
wine by moonlight.


A colorful balloon, cotton
candy, a snow cone and a
candlelight dinner. A leaf
dancing in the autumn wind.


Laughter, excitement, special
moments, for when two people
share, this is the best of all
Message #6


I promise to always try to
find the positive in all
negatives. To have a smile
instead of a frown. I vow I
will never let the sun set on
my anger.

To always be filled with the
LORD and His word daily,
for guidance and strength.

I vow to always be there for
you and listen to and not just
hear what you say. I will
offer you comfort,
understanding, patience and
encouragement, as you do
for me.

As we grow older with age,
we will grow younger in our
hearts. In times of trouble I
will stand beside, not behind

You have brought to me
laughter, fun, warmth and
Message #7


The kind of love you and I share is
something, I never thought
The closeness I feel when I simply
think of you is a depth beyond
my dreams.

Your smile, when I am low, always
lightens and warms my heart.
You make me laugh at your jokes
even when they are not all that
funny, just because you think they

Sometimes the little things you do
for me brings such pleasure, that I
must write it down and add it to
the Blessings Pouch I keep just for
times as this. From time to time I
am amazed at the love your heart
holds for me and I am afraid that
one day I will wake and find it
was just a dream.

You fill my heart and soul with a
love that grows more each day. I
shall carry my love for you beyond
the beyond. God truly gave me a
wonderful love

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